On December 15th of 2013, the choir “Pro Musica Chorus de Sóller” presented its first CD entitled “Seasons”

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This album is a journey through the musical times and steps, specific to a  regular working  year of the choir:  that is, a musical stroll through the seasons. It includes a collection of works “a cappella” and with piano accompaniment, some chosen by the director and others, by the singers themselves , some of them representing  stages of the choir.

In the recent years, the choir has grown, not such by the number of singers, but musically. Technical challenges, harmonic problems and sound difficulties  of the last works, both “a capella” and especially with orchestra (Rutter Requiem and Magnificat, Alexander Nevsky, St. John Passion, Mass Coronation , Mass Gloria etc.)  have led the choir to improve. We have always been aware of our shortcomings and our limits: we are not a professional choir, and it’s not what we want to be. We are a group of people who meets every Wednesday to sing and enjoy it, but we know that the result always wants to be the worthiest possible,  trying above all to offer the best possible quality.

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The first season, spring, religious music, the music of Holy Week, the most intimate works, such as Ave Maria by Caccini. We continue through summer, how cannot we talk about the essential musical genre of the summer, the Havaneras, even more in Soller, a village with long seafaring tradition. Among the Havaneras, we have chosen Habanera Sollerica, so dear to the heart of  the Sollerics. We get to fall, with festivals, fairs and folk traditions of our islands, with a collection of songs that remind us of our joy and festivities as children. And we end the year, winter comes, it’s Christmas, celebrations so tender, full of family, love and enthusiasm, with a collection of pieces that bring us to these times so cherished.. We cannot stop talking about secular music, this music as varied and with so many styles that you can sing all year round, in this genre you can find  some surprises.

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We thank the musicians who participated in the album: Jerome Rullán Mesquida with his ​​castanets, Alvaro Renard with his oboe, piano Benjamin Martinez and piano improvisations Sellés Sergi Garcia. We also thank Miquel Brunet, who showed us to be  a true professional,  for the help he has  given us to obtain a resulting output the best possible. Thanks also to the efforts of the City Council of Sóller for helping us in the making of this record. And a special big thank you to two of our singers: Jaume Pons and Joana Company, who  helped us musically and economically in the making of this record , as well as to all the singers in these tough and rewarding days of  rehearsals and recordings.

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